Lottery Hongkong and the Jockey Club

Lottery Hongkong

Lottery Hongkong is one of the most popular in Asia. The game follows the 6/49 format but has a few interesting twists. It offers players more ways to win than the average lottery.

For example, a player can choose to place a Forecast bet (Er Zhong Cai) and win a prize if the horse finishes first or second in the race. Or, a Double or a Treble bet can pay a consolation if the horses finish in any order.

The Hong Kong Jockey Club has been one of the world’s largest donors to charity for over a decade, with contributions totaling around HK$ 10 billion. Its donations are sent to more than 200 local and overseas projects, with a particular focus on the development of sports, healthy living, job opportunities and the cultivation of culture and arts.

Earlier this week, the HKJC announced that it would resume its Mark Six lottery draw on 24 September, nearly eight months after it was halted due to COVID-19. The lottery draw will take place weekly. Proceeds will go to the Jockey Club Lotteries Fund, which helps fund social welfare services. During FY2021/22, turnover of the lottery and football betting increased by 2.6% and contributed a record HK$ 9.8 billion to the Lotteries Fund. This represents a significant increase in the amount of money that the Club can give back to the community.