Lottery Hongkong

Lottery Hongkong is the main lottery game in the territory and is operated by the HKJC, one of the world’s oldest non-profit organizations. While it primarily operates horse racing, the HKJC is authorized by the government to run lottery games as well, which generate revenue for charitable purposes in Hong Kong. The HKJC is the largest single tax payer in the city, generating around 6.5% of all local taxes.

The HKJC has a number of different licences, including an amusement game centres licence and a lottery licence. In order to apply for either, a business must meet the licensing conditions and requirements set out by the Hong Kong Jockey Club. Non-compliance can lead to a license being revoked or prosecution for an offence.

A new gambling threat has emerged in China, as smugglers are trying to smuggle lottery tickets from Hong Kong into Macau and Mainland China. The Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department recently intercepted a river vessel in the city’s waters, reportedly finding 16,000 Mark Six lottery tickets aboard. At face value, each ticket costs around HK$10 and smugglers would make a profit of between HK$4 to HK$13 per ticket.

To win the jackpot in Mark Six, players must match 6 numbers and a bonus ball during the drawing. It is a popular game among the Chinese population, with a maximum prize of HK$24 million. Winners can collect their prizes by visiting a HKJC betting branch or the company’s headquarters in Hong Kong. They must claim their winnings within 60 days from the date of the draw.