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Known as one of the biggest lottery games in the world, the Hong Kong lottery is a popular draw game. Its high jackpot and great odds of winning make it a good bet.

The Hong Kong lottery was created in the 1970s to help fight illegal lotteries. It is also considered a good way to fund education in Hong Kong. Its proceeds are used to reduce the class size ratio for young children and improve school facilities. The government of Hong Kong also publishes a Lotteries Fund.

It is free to play and offers some of the largest prizes in the world. You can purchase tickets from retail outlets and online.

The Hong Kong lottery’s website offers a free newsletter with news and information about the game. You can also sign up for email alerts to be alerted about upcoming draws. You can also play the game on a smartphone, tablet, or computer. You can play for free or pay a small fee to gain access to more features.

The Hong Kong lottery’s first division prize is a cool HKD8 million. The second division prize is a double first division prize. The third and fourth division prizes are fixed. The sixth and seventh division prizes are adjusted according to the amount of the prize fund.

The most impressive draw is the jackpot. You can win up to HKD100 million. You have to match six numbers from the pool of 49 to win the top prize. The odds are not slouches: one in 1398,816.