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During the mid 2000’s, the four digit 4D lottery was one of the most popular games in Singapore. This was because it was easy to play and could be played online or offline. Unlike other lotteries, 4D games have a more flexible bet structure. This is a good way to get the lottery experience you’ve always wanted without having to make a trip to Singapore.

The first game to ever offer a computerized online version was Toto. It was introduced in May 1986. The winner of the game was a lucky punter who bought a $1 ticket from Prime Supermarket.

It’s not a surprise that the ‘Toto’ game is one of Singapore’s most popular lottery games. The game is organized by Singapore Pools. In addition to being a legal betting venue, it offers a variety of other games.

The Toto Singapore prize pool is divided into 7 gatherings of the big stake prize pool. The jackpot amount depends on the winning number and ticket coordinate. It also has a rollover prize. The minimum jackpot is a million Singapore dollars.

Singapore’s official lottery website has a lot of information. It is the only legal lottery service in the country. The company does not reveal the names of the winners, but it does provide information on winning permutations and the days gone by.

The company also offers a sports results page. It allows users to deposit up to $50,000 to play games. It also has a variety of distributors of different games. It is a reliable and easy way to check the lottery results online.