How to Play the Hong Kong Lottery

Lottery Hongkong

The Hong Kong Lottery is a great way to have some fun and win some money. It is a game of chance and you need to know how to play it correctly in order to have any chance of winning.

The lottery is run by the HK Jockey Club and the prize money is donated to charitable causes across the globe. This is an impressive business model that makes the HKJC one of the largest charity donators in the world today!

Mark Six Snowball Draws – Big Jackpots every week

The HKJC runs the traditional thrice weekly Mark Six Lottery and also holds special Mark Six “Snowball” draws throughout the year which are much bigger and offer more lucrative prizes. These special Mark Six draws are incredibly popular and attract lots of players.

Can a foreigner win the lottery?

Yes, you can play the lottery in Hong Kong and anyone of any nationality can participate. You can buy tickets online or in the local shops if you are a citizen of Hong Kong. The lottery is very easy to play and you can even receive alerts when you have won a prize!

How to play the Hong Kong Lottery

You can play the HK Mark Six lottery by choosing 6 numbers out of a pool that ranges from 1 to 49. If you match all the numbers drawn then you will win a first division prize. Then there are the other divisions where you can win up to nine more prizes.