Lottery Singapore

Lottery Singapore

Lottery Singapore is one of the largest and most popular lottery games in the world. It is regulated and organised by a state-owned company, known as Singapore Pools, and has a strong reputation for providing good jackpot prizes.

The odds of winning a jackpot are 1 in 239,568. There are also 6 additional prize tiers that offer a variety of prizes.

SG Pools has an extensive network of retail outlets all over the country. These include supermarkets, restaurants and shops. These outlets offer a wide range of games and services including sports betting, lottery, keno, and online gambling.

Players have 180 days from the drawing date to claim a prize, regardless of how much they win. They can choose to pick up their prize at any Singapore Pools outlet, or visit the SG Pools main office for more information.

What are the chances of winning a Singapore Toto jackpot?

The winning odds of a Singapore Toto jackpot are 1 in 2,330,636. There are 7 prize tiers, with the highest odds being for those who match all six numbers. There is also a supplementary number that is chosen to determine a few of the prize tiers.

TOTO is a popular game in Singapore, and it has become very popular around the Chinese New Year. It offers a good chance to strike it big, and it is very easy to play.

Punters in Singapore spent a record amount of money on lotteries and sports betting last year, which was up 40 per cent from the previous year. This figure was reported by the Tote Board, which regulates the activities of Singapore Pools and Singapore Turf Club. Its report also found that wagering amounts increased after the easing of COVID-19 restrictions.