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Lottery Singapore

The Lottery Singapore website hosts various sports and lottery results. It also offers online betting and deposit options that let players deposit up to $50,000 into one account. The website also has distributors that provide various games for customers to choose from. Customers can also request clarifications or more information via chat. Here are some ways to get started playing the Lottery Singapore games.

Playing the lottery online is very convenient and safe. You can access the website on any computer or mobile phone. Just make sure to check if your device is compatible before registering. Lottery Singapore also offers mobile versions of their games, including poker. You will need a small amount of computer memory and an internet connection.

The Toto Lotto was first launched in Singapore in 1968. In 1981, the top prize was increased and snowballing was introduced. In May 1986, the Toto game was offered in computerized form for the first time. It was first played in a 5/49 format, and later changed to 6/45. In 1999, it went online.

Singapore Big Sweep is a popular monthly lottery game that’s open to both citizens and permanent residents of Singapore. The draw is held on the first Wednesday of each month and players can purchase tickets for $3. The results are announced every month and players can win up to $2.3 million. If the final two digits of their ticket number match one of nine winning two-digit numbers, players can win up to $6.