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Lottery Hongkong is a legal lottery that is played in Hong Kong. While it is not regulated like a lottery in the US, you can enjoy various benefits when you play it. For starters, you can avoid forums and social media altogether, which will allow you to focus solely on winning numbers. This will encourage you to purchase winning tickets and claim your prize. Moreover, there are various prizes to be won, including millions of dollars!

The first prize in Hong Kong’s lottery game, the HKD8 million, is equivalent to the first prize of the 6/49 lotto game. Every time the jackpot is not claimed, it rolls over and may increase to more than HKD100 million. There are also special games like the Snowball Pool that are added randomly during special festivals and public holidays. So, if you are planning to visit Hong Kong to play lottery games, don’t miss the chance to win big.

If you want to have a closer look at the Hongkong jackpot, you can visit the Tian Tan Big Buddha. This seated bronze Buddha is more than 100 feet high. It provides great views of the entire island. The Buddha is on a lotus flower, and you can climb the 240 steps to reach it. There are also many statues around it. If you’re lucky enough, you can even take the trip to the top of the lottery!